"Fuck, I want to have her in ways no one else has ever had her or ever will have her."

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Endless nights with endless thoughts.

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لا ترى العين عيبا.. اذا أحب القلب قلبا

The eye does not see a flaw, if the heart loves a heart.

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Si no le das reblog se muere Tu mamá.





Na mentira no se va a morir nadie , yo cuando estaba viva no le di reblog ..



ctm, perdón followers.

 sorry followers, hay que prevenir :c

putos .l.

^ .

Lo lei dos veces haste que lo entendí,y le luego me dio muchisimo miedo.

perdon :|

hijos de puta :| yo tambien lo lei 2 veces ._. 


asfdghtrd ctm:c



mami te amo:c

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tbh, I can’t lay in a bed without turning my hips and bouncing my ass. I feel like I’m arrullando my self or relieving stress or some shit

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"I was married. My husband cheated on me left and right. One day he tells me it’s my fault he saw other women. So I picked up a knife, and told him it was his fault I was stabbing him."

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Prayer request for my health. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world, others I find it difficult to stand.

Still smiling though, gotta keep the faith & those positive vibes ♡